The 4 Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss
  - Escape 9 to 5 and live the life of the New Rich.

This is how I am spending my weekend - studying this book, the 4 Hour Work Week.

I am currently on one of the exercise in the book. This blog is about taking action now. This is an activity I can do right now, in my business, that only takes me mintes to do and can make me money on auto pilot. 

The real secret is ... ACTION. Plain and simple.  But there is a bit more to it than that. You will find the answers if you listen to and/or read this suggested book.

I like to read the book as I listen to audios.  I think it works better for me, and I can focus on a deeper level the meanings of the words of this great text.

I am on the path to totaly freedom.  Freedom from the grind of the 9-5 that is so depressing. This freedom is accessible for everyone, even you if you believe. 

I don't plan on going back to working in an office ever again. But instead I work from the location of my laptop. not bound by office or location.

If you are looking for some of this freedom, looking for a way to love your dream - like described in this audio book - then I invite you to come and join me and our team.  

For more information- please check out other blog postings, CLICK ON THIS LINK, or contact me for more information. 

Michael Melanson


We just created a new sales video for 'The Blog Beast' and you can see what's possible, here:


Riches are what you have

Wealth is what you are

(Nicole Cooper)


I am sure you have been hearing the buzz about the BLOGBEAST. Well it is here, and the doors are about to open on a whole new future of blogging. This will change the direction of how people blog and bring blogging to everyone.  EVERYONE should blog.

I just wanted to share with you how 2 guys, dudes like me, just wanting to make some change in the world, helping others get to their goals and desires. Click on this link to see this controvercial video (1 of 4 - stay tuned..)

Two "dudes" recently stumbled onto a
way to make money online (and on your
phone) that will BLOW YOU AWAY.

Check it out real fast here:

They even sat down with some totally
random folks who were having issues
making money online and coached them

...and recorded the whole thing....

100% unscripted.

(no stupid actors or BS scripts. Real people
who I'm sure you'll relate to)

This will answer A LOT of the questions
you've had about what's really "missing"
in your business.

Check it out real fast here:

I'll follow up with Video 2 soon :)

Talk very soon,

-Michael Melanson

ps: There's money sitting around you don't
even know is there.... and this will certainly
open your eyes up to the TRUTH.

 Check it out real fast here:

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